1:1 with Nadia

Nadia helps women create consistency in their health whilst aligning to a cyclical way of living. It all starts with thought work. When we master our belief system and switch off auto-pilot, real change is inevitable.

Establish your baseline status and emotions around your current relationship with yourself & your body.

Define your values and goals. Discover how your current beliefs are inhibiting these goals, and remembering what sparks you.

Implement thought work tools along with nutrition and exercise to achieve your desired flow state. All the while, following the power of the menstrual cycle of optimal wellbeing.

Harness your personal strengths, acknowledge your accomplishments, and learn to release thoughts as they come and go. Determine a tailored holistic plan that serves your health and happiness.



Nadia works with wellness entrepreneurs on coaching and consultancy. Her areas of expertise include:


  • Vision and Mission
  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing
  • New Business
  • Nutrition
  • Menu Design
  • Wellness Brand Retail
  • Event Programming
  • Music

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