Health & Mindset

The conversations we have with ourselves on a daily basis shape our external reality, impacting all aspects of our lives. As well as Health Coaching, Nadia uses Neuro-Linguistic-Programming to help women transform limiting thoughts into ones that elevate their health, happiness and success.

Establish your baseline status and emotions around your current relationship with yourself & your body image + Holistic Health Consultation reviewing your current state of health & lifestyle

Define your values and goals. Discover how your current beliefs are inhibiting these goals, and remembering what sparks you.

Implementing mindset & NLP techniques to help create new pathways in the brain that will be responsible for creating lasting change. Combat self-sabotage, define healthy behaviours and activities, hone in on relaxation, and nourish what matters. Iterate and refine habits.

Harness your personal strengths, acknowledge your accomplishments, and learn to release thoughts as they come and go. Determine a tailored holistic plan, focusing habits which serve you most without the strive for perfection.


Nadia offers creative wellness consultancy and coaching to new businesses, as well as company consultancy for better wellbeing in the work place.

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