Sync & Flow

A 6 week mind-body programme for women who want to elevate their health but feel overwhelmed, and unsure where to start. We’ll cover food, movement, emotions and energy practices. All the while bringing you closer to your body’s natural rhythms.

Health consultation session – we go through your current food & lifestyle practices to uncover which areas could be causing stress on the body. You will be given a food & natural supplement guide after the first session.

We review your week, and go deeper into the other areas of your lifestyle that need attention and compassion, then start to prioritise.

Now we start implementing mindset & NLP techniques to help create new pathways in the brain that will be responsible for creating lasting change

By now you will be feeling more in tune with your body. As your confidence grows, we will continue to add in nourishing foods, and decrease the ones that are no longer serving you

This session focuses on energy & self-care practices. In order for us to stay consistent in vibrant health, we want to protect our physical and emotional resources

We review where you began this journey, and where you are now. You get a personalised guide with learnings, tips and tricks to keep you supported on your self-development journey.

Nadia offers a range of options for coaching and health consultations.

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