Introduction To Food Awareness + Energetics



As a holistic health coach, one of my aims when working with a client is not to simply tell them what to eat; but to bring about greater awareness around the process of eating.

This can be broken down into 4 questions:

What does your body feel like when you’re eating, and after you eat?

What are you eating?

When are you eating?

What’s your state of mind while you’re eating? 

This process is to get you to truly enjoy your food and to appreciate yourself for nourishing your body. Every food can be a medicine, believe it or not. As the saying goes…

 ‘One man’s medicine is another man’s poison’ 

When we really tune into how our body feels when eating certain foods, it’s like we’re getting to know ourselves better. We reclaim our power. We don’t label a food as good or bad, but rather by its properties. And this brings me onto the next topic!


In Eastern Medicine, the energetic action of a food is classified according to:

Temperature: cold, cool, warm, hot

Flavor: sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, sour

Internal organs affected

The temperature of a food is a measure of its effect on the body after digestion. Does it warm or cool us down? Overall, it’s best to eat a varied diet that includes all temperatures and all flavours of food, but knowing our individual needs, helps us tilt our diet slightly in one direction.

A cold person will tilt their diet towards warming or neutral temperatures, and vice versa. The more extreme the balance, the sharper tilt can be. 

If you’d like to put food energetics into practice, you can book a free call with me. Details on the coaching section of our website. 


Nadia x

Ayusya, The Membership


Welcome to our first blog post! Nadia here, founder of Ayusya.

It seems the perfect opportunity to introduce our new membership, a process we hope to adapt and evolve into one that feels like a community to support, connect and learn from fellow women. 


What’s my story in a nutshell?

I’m a music nerd at heart! Before covid I was djing monthly as part of a duo with my good friend Rosie, under the name Kiara Scuro.

I left my full time work in the music industry two years ago to finally embark on my own health & NLP coaching journey. Part of my work involves helping women find a more loving connection to themselves through food and mindful practices, which then plays out in their success, whatever that may look like.


What’s the idea behind the membership?

Preventative and alternative medicine is having a resurgence and for many of us it’s been the light amidst some difficult experiences. People are finding huge relief in yoga, qi gong, herbal medicine, breathwork, acupuncture, reflexology, the list goes on. 

The membership was born out of a desire to keep on learning and sharing wisdom. An online community with a variety of monthly teachings & workshops seemed a great way to do this. 

As we hear from our members about what they want from the membership, we’ll be tailoring as we go. Your voices matter to us!


How does the membership work?

Currently we’re trialling 4-6 monthly live workshops each month, covering a range of topics spanning food, movement, self-care and self-exploration.

We’re also building a resource library that will grow as the membership grows too! Here you can find recipes, guides, templates recordings for guided visualisations. 

You don’t need to attend every workshop to get the best out of the membership, start with what interests you. You can always watch the workshops back if you can’t make the live!


Sign up for just £10 in April

Sign up in April is just £10 to celebrate our launch, head to the Membership section of our website. See you inside 🙂 


Nadia x