My journey into coaching has been a slow burner. From my early twenties I had been telling myself I would one day be working in self-development, having seen my mum work as a therapist. Her lighthearted yet empathetic nature made a huge difference in people’s lives, motivating me to take the first steps of exploring mental wellbeing and personal growth when I was 25 years old.


Paradoxically, my main career path throughout my twenties was music (both performance as DJ duo Kiara Scuro and behind the scenes in new business) which didn’t lend itself to self-care although this started to change more recently.

I kept my learnings of health and wellbeing to myself, practicing the tools in private but never really discussing them with my work mates.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across a coach who offered to mentor me professionally (and spiritually) that my life started to feel some sense of purpose again.


Fast forward to 2022 and I’ve been training and working as an accredited coach for over two years, studying NLP, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Health and soon to be Breathwork. I’m forever fascinated by mind-body connection and the power of intuition.

When it comes to creativity, coaching can be hugely powerful. I work with clients on a number of issues from imposter syndrome and self-image struggles, to burnout and poor physical health.

The work involves various holistic approaches to regaining a sense of clarity, direction and purpose which brings true joy to the process.